About Us

RHENSOM is focused on improving the health of our rural communities through implementing and facilitating innovative, evidence-based programs and interventions. The underserved community health needs in our area, which have been identified through research, are addressed by promoting excellence and innovation in health education.

Initiatives target the prevention and management of obesity and associated chronic diseases for community residents of all ages; dental health education for children to prevent periodontal disease and future associated chronic disease, and influencing the built environment to one that supports health and wellness

RHENSOM is funded by the New York State Office of Rural Health, Rural Health Network Development Grant. This grant is administered through the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, NY.

Our Staff


Allison Corsi, MPH

Health Educator allison.corsi@bassett.org 607.547.7696

Kristin Pullyblank, MS, RN

Nurse Supervisor kristin.pullyblank@bassett.org 607.547.6711
Lynae Wyckoff

Lynae Wyckoff, MS

Senior Health Educator, Living Well Program Coordinator lynae.wyckoff@bassett.org


Jane Keane

Jane Keane

Research Assistant Jane.keane@bassett.org



Katelyn Tessier

Research Assistant



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